Saturday, February 13, 2010

WE DO WEDDINGS BLOG- 5 Valentine's Day ideas

Hello you lovers!
   Stumped on what to do for Valentine's Day?  Here are a 5 ideas that might come in handy for the
"idea challanged" sweethearts. Of course, you can always do the standard ~ a dozen of roses...

1- Valentine's Day (the movie) How about a romantic dinner and a movie? Or.. a movie and a proposal? What could be more appropriate for "setting the mood"?
Here a little blurb on the star filled movie produced by Gary Marshall
A diverse group of Los Angelenos navigate their way through romance and heartbreak over the course of one Valentine's Day. Couples and singles experience the pinnacles and pitfalls of finding, keeping or ending relationships in a day in the life of love.
2- Handy-Candy filled day? Everyone remembers the Hearts Conversation Candies~ lots of sweet sayings on little heart candies. There are heart shaped candies available at most candy shops or how about personalized M&M's with pic's of you and your love on them? Check it out on the M&M site. (free thumbs up for M&M from me). You can add your own little hand made hearts with sayings like 
1breakfast in bed, 2 Free massages, 3 tanks of gasoline, 4 loads of laundry~ whatever your love would happily accept!
3.- Handmade Love cards, picture collages of the 2 of you, a "storybook" of how you met. These ideas show how much you care because they are personally created by you. How could anyone not love that?
4.-  Sweetheart Scavanger Hunt~ Start with breakfast in bed and lead them to the next destination~ ending the evening with a rosepetal heart shape on the bed.  This can be a great day to night Valentine's Day.
Start in the a.m., lead them to a walk in the park, you're first date spot, a spa  or salon for a buff 'n fluff, then on to a romantic dinner followed by YOU...for dessert!
5.-  Sweetheart Surprise Get Away ~ even if it's going to a local venue for the evening. Simple or splurging, it's an unexpected surprise. ....
I hope some of these ideas help you out and that you all have a