Thursday, June 24, 2010

WE DO WEDDINGS BLOG- June 2010 The Nitty Gritty month

June has come and almost gone before I realized it!
Summer arrived a couple of days ago and love is in the air!  How many of you met the "love of your life" in the summer?  It's a great time to meet folks at the beach, graduations, vacations, outdoor music venues, cook outs, or WEDDINGS!  I know a couple who met at a wedding when they were part of the wedding party!
  Last month I blogged about a beach themed wedding. This month won't be as exciting- it's a let's get down to the "nitty gritty" blog this month.
  I have had quite a few calls lately and unfortunately met with folks "just shopping around" for ideas, venue suggestions, or officiant services. This means what they are looking for is FREE advice, Free ideas,
Free suggestions, and Free valuable time
 Once they verbally agree on a date of service for us to hold for them, we meet etc. and suddenly they "unexpectedly" find out...blah, blah, blah...Sorry. Don't need your services. Wham, bam, Not even a Thank You M'am.

 When you call a company to ask them to save the time or date aside for you, that is exactly what happens- in good faith. When another potential client calls for that date and time, they are told it is booked, so the people who you "thought" booked the date now have not only stolen your time, ideas, and and advice- they have stolen a client and our means of supporting our business. You just can't get that missed client back.

Yes, I am saying that the folks who act in this manner steal. They are thieves( probably a blessing in disguise not having to deal with them), but their behavior affects many others negatively, including another couple and the business or vendor.
Bridal Consulting, Wedding Planning,and Officiant services are professional services.
 They are not hobbies, and they are not charities.
I own a business and have education, experience and expertise in the wedding industry.
I am happy to offer any of the above IF you hire WE DO WEDDINGS to do it.
You won't find anyone more dedicated or energenic to put it all together for you than WE DO WEDDINGS does for our clients.
Unfortunately, people take or try to take advantage and WE DO WEDDINGS must implement some new policies because of a few unscrupulous people.

$50.00 non refundable retainer for officiant services is implemented immediately. If client hires officiant, the $50.00 is credited toward total fee. Entire payment is due 10 days before wedding and written agreement must be signed at initial meeting.

Consulting services are remaining at $80/hr. rate with signed contract. Telephone conversations are rated per 15 min.

Planning services remain the same and vary per service.

While things rarely have happened over the past 12 years, it seems to be a more common occurance lately.
? maybe the economy?... or too many reality shows that applaud "bad behavior" as acceptable?...
Hey, I've watched wedding/bridal shows and heard girls have their mothers lie to caterers. florist & ministers, but until this year have not personally experienced anything like that.  In speaking to other planners and vendors, this seems to be a banner year for such behavior.

WE, as vendors and wedding specialist know that most of you are just like us. Honest, hardworking people who want to see two people in love share their very special day  in a very special way.
WE DO WEDDINGS thanks YOU! You are the people who help us fulfill our dreams by helping you fulfill yours!
 In closing, the continuation of  the Nitty Gritty for the next blog will be about setting & keeping Budgets!
Happy Planning <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello everyone!
                       It's great to see the sunshine and feel the heat in New England!
I can hardly believe May is almost over already.  What to discuss, what to discuss?
Well, I guess this little blog will be about a Beach theme wedding and ideas for you to use.
Brides can wear short or long gowns with a light chiffon or ancelon lace. How about the Groom and Groomsmen in beach print shirts, and the Bridesmaids in colors that match the shirts? I've also seen Bridesmaids in pretty sarongs. They're great 'cause one size fits all! They're also rewearable after the wedding so your girls will get more bang for their buck!
I've been scouting around stores and found some great ideas, for very little cost.
  I found little bags of starfish and sand dollars for $1.69 ea. and there are 6 to a bag. I love the idea of using the sand dollars for seating.  Just get a shallow box and fill it with playground sand (@ the venue, too heavy to carry pre-filled. Next, write the names of guest and table # on the sand dollar, which you'll place in the sand.  You can also make just table #'s on the first sand dollar in the row and just write the names on the dollars.
Netting and starfish can also be used on the table to add to the beachy feel.
Shells and starfish can be scattered on the tables and either florals or tall & short clear vases can be used as the centerpiece. There are SO many things you can do with the vases.
How about colored water ( to match your colors) w/ floating shell or starfish candles?  You can also keep the water clear, place glass or pebbles on the bottom and add a fish with some greenery!
You may also like to get some cute hurricanes with seashells on the outside and light them from within with immersable lights or candles. I also saw the cutest "fake" sand castles!
There are lots of cute fish, shell, lighthouse, or lawn chair items you can give as favors.
How about a candy display with salt water taffy, rock candy, and ocean colored candies placed in sand pails?
I found some cute pails that can be filled with crayons and coloring books for the kids @ the wedding.
Another idea is to name your tables after your favorite beaches or flip flops available for the wedding party to change into once the dancing begins! 
Choose your favorite signature coctail and don't forget to add umbrellas to them!
You can have beach balls for decorations, use lighting for effects, and have fireworks at the end of the night!
   If you're interested in a FREE Martha Stewart destination wedding, I can help you with your dream!
( you'll have to take me along!)
We also offer other Martha Stewart weddings, so check out my site on the Destination Wedding/ Honeymoon page!
Come on ~ take the plunge!
Lots of Love & Happy Planning <3
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Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello again!
                 It's the last week of April, and YES, showers are expected today! My theme has been consistant thanks to Mother Nature;)
  Wedding showers have a long history, supposedly started in the late 1500's early 1600's when a Dutch girl from a prominent family fell in love with a miller boy.  Her Dad was NOT happy about their upcoming union and refused to present a dowry. (Dad thought this would stop the wedding)
The neighbors of these lovebirds knew this was true love and decided to gather some of their own precious possesions and present them in a parasol "showering" the Bride with the gifts. This so touched the father, that he gave his blessing on the marriage- and a new tradition was started!
So... if you're one of those who dislike showers- blame the Dutch! lol

Showers became popular in the U.S. around the 1890's and continue to this day. They are usually given by the maid of honor and bridesmaids, but may also be given by family, friends, or co-workers.
Traditionally, gifts are given for the couple to begin their new lives together as husband and wife. With the passing of gay marriage in many states, there are now more same sex couples getting married and having showers also.   Today, many couples already have set up a household before the wedding and gifts are sometimes themed for an interest of the couple , the theme of the wedding, or a specific type of gift such as a kitchen, bedroom, or honeymoon shower. Showers have truely evolved since that little Dutch girl!

The general purpose is to show the couple your support of their marriage and showering them with blessings and best wishes for their "Happily ever after."<3
Happy Planning