Thursday, June 24, 2010

WE DO WEDDINGS BLOG- June 2010 The Nitty Gritty month

June has come and almost gone before I realized it!
Summer arrived a couple of days ago and love is in the air!  How many of you met the "love of your life" in the summer?  It's a great time to meet folks at the beach, graduations, vacations, outdoor music venues, cook outs, or WEDDINGS!  I know a couple who met at a wedding when they were part of the wedding party!
  Last month I blogged about a beach themed wedding. This month won't be as exciting- it's a let's get down to the "nitty gritty" blog this month.
  I have had quite a few calls lately and unfortunately met with folks "just shopping around" for ideas, venue suggestions, or officiant services. This means what they are looking for is FREE advice, Free ideas,
Free suggestions, and Free valuable time
 Once they verbally agree on a date of service for us to hold for them, we meet etc. and suddenly they "unexpectedly" find out...blah, blah, blah...Sorry. Don't need your services. Wham, bam, Not even a Thank You M'am.

 When you call a company to ask them to save the time or date aside for you, that is exactly what happens- in good faith. When another potential client calls for that date and time, they are told it is booked, so the people who you "thought" booked the date now have not only stolen your time, ideas, and and advice- they have stolen a client and our means of supporting our business. You just can't get that missed client back.

Yes, I am saying that the folks who act in this manner steal. They are thieves( probably a blessing in disguise not having to deal with them), but their behavior affects many others negatively, including another couple and the business or vendor.
Bridal Consulting, Wedding Planning,and Officiant services are professional services.
 They are not hobbies, and they are not charities.
I own a business and have education, experience and expertise in the wedding industry.
I am happy to offer any of the above IF you hire WE DO WEDDINGS to do it.
You won't find anyone more dedicated or energenic to put it all together for you than WE DO WEDDINGS does for our clients.
Unfortunately, people take or try to take advantage and WE DO WEDDINGS must implement some new policies because of a few unscrupulous people.

$50.00 non refundable retainer for officiant services is implemented immediately. If client hires officiant, the $50.00 is credited toward total fee. Entire payment is due 10 days before wedding and written agreement must be signed at initial meeting.

Consulting services are remaining at $80/hr. rate with signed contract. Telephone conversations are rated per 15 min.

Planning services remain the same and vary per service.

While things rarely have happened over the past 12 years, it seems to be a more common occurance lately.
? maybe the economy?... or too many reality shows that applaud "bad behavior" as acceptable?...
Hey, I've watched wedding/bridal shows and heard girls have their mothers lie to caterers. florist & ministers, but until this year have not personally experienced anything like that.  In speaking to other planners and vendors, this seems to be a banner year for such behavior.

WE, as vendors and wedding specialist know that most of you are just like us. Honest, hardworking people who want to see two people in love share their very special day  in a very special way.
WE DO WEDDINGS thanks YOU! You are the people who help us fulfill our dreams by helping you fulfill yours!
 In closing, the continuation of  the Nitty Gritty for the next blog will be about setting & keeping Budgets!
Happy Planning <3

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